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Interview: WGP HK Winner, Tsang Chi Shing (Magus)

Interview: WGP HK Winner, Tsang Chi Shing (Magus)
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CanYouSayG(G): Hello everybody, this is CanYouSayG, and you are reading the Zero Damage Gaming Blog, the blog where YOU get to meet the people of vanguard from around the world!

G:Today, we are featuring the champion of the Asia Championship, Tsang Chi Shing, whom has recently qualified for the World Finals by winning the WGP in Hong Kong! A player who once shook up the "Solved" format of G-Standard at Asia Championship with Demagogue Assasin in April, he's back with a vengeance, taking the Magus deck to qualify for the WGP World Finals, a deck that released hours before the tournament!

G: Thank you, Tsang Chi Shing for coming to this interview today. Lets begin with some basic introductions.

When did you first start Cardfight Vanguard, and for those who don't know, what are some of your previous achievements? Do you mind giving a short introduction of yourself?

Tsang Chi Shing (T): I started vanguard since the first deletor starter released.In these years, I had got in top 4 in several tournaments. My biggest achievement would be winning qualifier of Asia Championship in two region and also winning the Final.


G: With regards to your winning decklist, A lot of players are not yet familiar with the newer magus cards. What would you say are the key new cards that were added to your deck, and how did those cards change the deck? What are some of the key points you think are important in the deck?

T: Before this starter came out, I think ott was a bit weak in the early stages of the game due to the pressure given by the old G2 cards that aren’t that great. But with Rectangle magus and Cuore magus adding in, ott is now more stable. Having 8 g1 that have effects when ride on v helps a lot in reducing the chance of assisting, and Rentangle magus helps a lot in early push. So I think ott with the new td cards is very stable and has a much stronger early game.


G: What are some key interactions between cards or lines of play that you would like to highlight in playing your style of the Magus deck?

T: Wheel Crane is very important in my deck, because it gives a 6k boost to my vanguard to pass the 13k lane, and it combos well with Circle magus. Circle magus can trigger the effect of Wheel Crane in the battle phase, so I can make the most use of both boosting and adding power to my side lane. This combo helps giving pressure even without Deer.

G: As someone who has represented their country at Asia Championship and Continental events before, what does it feel like to represent your country?

T: It feels really good. I received many kind and supportive words from my friends and players in other regions.

It really made me motivated.


G: With this WGP win, you have advanced to the world stage two times in a row. Now that it's your second time at a World level event, what do you want to make of your experience in Japan? Is there anything you regret not doing last time, and want to do this time?

T: Last time I just stayed for 4 days because I needed to get back to work. But this time I have more spare time, so I can visit around. Also I want to compete in Japanese vgcs, but everything is still in planning.


G: On the topic of worlds, are you planning any secret surprise decks or combos?

T: Definitely will prepare something special, just wait for it XD.

G: Back in May, when we last interviewed you, you said that you preferred Premium over Standard, but most Hong Kong Players are viewing Standard as a new game. Half a year after the format split, how has your opinion changed? Is standard still more popular in Hong Kong? Which do you personally prefer to play?

T: Premium standard still holds some players, but Standard is more popular in Hong Kong. I play both P Standard and Standard and I think both of them are fun to play.

G: On the same topic of Standard and Premium, have you noticed the player base for vanguard growing since V-Series?

T: In Hong Kong, more new players play standard because the price of a standard deck is cheaper and it's also easier to build a standard deck. I saw a lot new faces in this WGP too.


G: Thank you for sharing your experiences. We are nearing the end of our interview. How did you meet the greatest Vanguard player you know?

T: I met a lot of great players in the Asia championship this year, but the greatest would be the Tokyo representative from this year.

G:And now to our traditional final question. Imagine you have made it to the finals of the World Championship!! Who, of all the cardfighters in the universe, would you like to fight on the grand stage of the World Finals?

T: The first one should be my friend Jerry, because I lost to him in the finals this year. It was only because he couldn't go that I got to represent the country. That was a really good game and I definitely want a rematch on a big stage again. Also, as I said before, I want to play against the Tokyo representative from the Asia Championship again, that would be so epic because we would have to rematch fight in both finals, like rivals in an anime!

G: That's all for today folks, thank you Tsang Chi Shing for coming to our interview tonight, and all the best for your road to winning worlds! Lets all give him a round of applause.

Information about the author: 
CanYouSayG/Dr Sei-Ji A. Keong is an avid Cardfight Vanguard blogger by night whom has played in Europe, Japan, and South-East Asia, bringing you new and enjoyable insights to the world of Vanguard for both the card game, competitive environment, and the community. He plays Neo Nectar and Royal Paladin.

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